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What penalties could I face for a domestic assault in Tennessee?

Situations involving violence or threats of violence between family members or partners are often emotionally charged. People can feel attacked or scared, and many could be dealing with physical pain.

Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to accurately assess what might happen to the person accused of assault. Below, we examine some of the potential consequences of a domestic assault allegation and conviction in Tennessee. 

  • Legal consequences - A domestic assault conviction can leave a stain on a person's criminal record and result in imprisonment. A person will also lose his or her right to own firearms.
  • Financial consequences - Courts can impose hundreds or thousands of dollars of fines for a domestic assault conviction or violation of protective order.
  • Professional consequences - Depending on a person's profession, he or she could lose a job as a result of an assault allegation. This is particularly true if a person spends time in jail or if a protective order prohibits him or her from being around places or people that are pertinent to an occupation. His or her reputation and community standing could also be compromised. 
  • Personal consequences - A person accused of assault can be struggling with emotional or addiction issues that warrant counseling and mental health support. He or she could also lose their closest relationships, including custody of a child. 

Considering how serious domestic assault charges are, it is important to not minimize these situations or hope they go away on their own.

Whether you have been wrongfully accused of domestic assault or you have questions about how to protect yourself from a violent party, discussing your case with an experienced attorney can be critical in protecting yourself and understanding your legal options. 

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