The Advantage Of Knowing How The Other Side Thinks

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Arrested as part of a sting? Know what you're up against

Drug crimes are among the most aggressively investigated offenses in Tennessee and across the country. Often, we see the fruits of law enforcement's labor in the news with stories declaring that police arrested dozens of people in a major bust. It reads as a victory in the war on drugs.

Unfortunately, there can be some casualties of these efforts. Not everyone arrested in a bust or sting operation is a ringleader or serious offender. In some cases, they may not even be involved. Someone in this situation would therefore be wise to know what they're up against and what options they have. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies

In many cases, significant drug busts involve multiple enforcement agencies, including state and federal officers. Having more involvement often means having more resources, which can be frightening and intimidating when they are leveraged against an individual.

Further, it can mean that there is especially high motivation for their efforts to be successful. As such, making arrests and filing charges can be particularly aggressive.

Pleas and deals

When several people are facing drug charges, it is not unusual for prosecutors to offer deals to anyone who names other participants or gives up information deemed valuable.

However, making these deals or speaking to authorities without an attorney present could leave you vulnerable to the many tactics they use against people. Ultimately, it could do you more harm than good.

Overzealous charges

Again, authorities want these large operations to be successful. To do this, they may arrest anyone even remotely involved, and stack up as many charges as possible to encourage a person to make a deal or plead guilty to at least one offense.

With so much working against someone in this situation and so much on the line, it can be easy to feel defeated. However, you have rights worth protecting, including the right to an attorney. With legal guidance, you can level the playing field and defend yourself against unfair charges, policies and penalties.

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