The Advantage Of KnowingHow The Other Side Thinks

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The Advantage Of KnowingHow The Other Side Thinks

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Private schools: Can trouble with the law result in expulsion?

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If your child has done something wrong, you’re likely dealing with the fallout. You may have court dates, need to speak with law enforcement, have attorney visits and more to do. On top of that, your child’s private school might get involved.

Most people who enroll their children in private school do so through a contract. They contract the school to teach their children in exchange for following the school’s rules of conduct, paying dues on time and upholding the school’s standards.

This can lead to problems if your child breaks the law, though. Depending on what they’ve done, it may be enough to get them expelled from a private school and forced into a public school. Did you know that the rights of public and private school students aren’t the same? Everything in a private school is governed by contract law, so infractions of the code of conduct or discipline rules can lead to serious consequences.

Private schools act as legal guardians and can use that power to help students

Private schools obtain the right and have an obligation to act as legal guardians to the students who go there. This also means that the school has an easier time implementing penalties against those who commit crimes or participate in negative activities like hazing, sexual misconduct, substance abuse or others. Committing a crime could be enough to result in a suspension or expulsion. Suspensions or expulsions are then added to the student’s record and can be seen by colleges, if they choose to apply.

Where do you find your rights pertaining to the private school you or your child attends?

You can find out more about your rights by looking at the private school’s handbook. It will have rules and responsibilities that all children must abide by. If they don’t, then they could face penalties.

The good news is that students do have freedom of choice, and an expulsion from one school in Nashville doesn’t mean they won’t be able to attend any educational facility. Parents can, and should, look for the best educational facility for their children. Changing their school setting could be helpful in reducing negative behaviors in some cases, which is a positive all around.

Children make mistakes, but some have the potential to threaten their schooling. If you are worried about your child being expelled, you can reach out to your attorney to talk about your options.