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What are the unique needs of kids in the system?

There are minimal disputes about the face of the juvenile justice system showing kids who get in trouble. Though, you may disagree there tends to be a disconnect between the portrayal of these youth as dangerous thieves or addicts and the societal efforts to address what these young offenders need in order to reintegrate into society.

While kids involved in the system may be guilty, it is vital to consider the reasons young men and women offend. Additionally, examining what kind of treatment is necessary to help juvenile offenders transition back into the mainstream is crucial.

Is there a connection between alcohol and abuse?

To say that most Americans have some experience with domestic violence is likely an accurate statement. You might have been witness to physical altercations during your parents’ arguments, suffered at the hands of an abuser or had friends tell you about their abusive relationships. And, there is also the possibility that you face allegations of domestic abuse.

Regardless of your situation, it is crucial to consider that there are many reasons why such maltreatment occurs. Although alcohol has not been proven to be a reason for such activity, studies suggest there may be a relationship between alcohol and domestic abuse.

Girls’ involvement in the juvenile justice system

From the time you were a child, you likely heard people refer to girls’ “sugar and spice” while continually reminding them to be nice. And there’s a good chance they were referred to as “princess,” “pumpkin” or “love,” rather than nicknames representative of mental resolve or physical strength.

Despite efforts to equalize views of, and opportunities for, males and females, you might agree there remain some biological differences between the genders. As such, whether due to nature or nurture – or both – juvenile boys are more likely to get in trouble with the authorities. Though, it’s important to consider that adolescent girls face criminal charges as well.

Sometimes it's wise to say no while giving thanks

Historically, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family in gratitude for all we have. And whether we sip a Pinot Noir with the turkey, grab a few beers during the game or savor a fine whiskey while reminiscing about the past year, alcohol is often an active participant in the holiday celebration.

On average, people consume fewer alcoholic beverages on Thanksgiving than on other holidays. However, 15% of men and 11% of women binge drink, causing their blood alcohol concentration to rise. And more than 2% of women and 3% of men drink to the point where they black out. But what is it about holidays that leads to this increase in alcohol?

Sentences determined for alleged Tennessee drug crimes

No matter your age, social status or background, you might search for ways to increase alertness and your competitive edge. While coffee remains the most commonly-accepted legal substance, some people turn elsewhere for stimulation.

Despite the possible punishments for illegal drug use and the addictive nature of controlled substances, roughly 15% of Americans have experimented with cocaine. And with the euphoric properties of the stimulant, you might understand how someone could feel as though their body needs coke to survive. However, whether you understand the desire to use or view cocaine as a way to make some money, you may be interested in recent sentencing.

How can a Medical Condition factor into your recent DUI accusation?

Whether you always enjoyed keggers or don't like drinking beer at all, you probably understand the seriousness of a driving under intoxication (DUI) charge. And if the police have ever pulled you over after just one drink, you know how scary it can be to see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror.

You might agree that there should be consequences for people who hurt someone while driving drunk. At the same time, you may have gotten behind the wheel while buzzed. However, while you understand the possible consequences a drunk driving charge can have on your life, can you imagine facing arrest when you haven't consumed any alcohol at all?

Why would someone abuse their partner?

Domestic abuse tends to be a controversial topic of conversation for multiple reasons. It can be challenging to understand why someone would behave violently toward someone they claim to care about.

You might question why an abused person remains in their relationship. And the serious consequences someone could face for domestic violence allegations may make matters even more confusing. Though, while you may find it hard to identify with someone who reportedly treats their partner poorly, you might be interested in learning about why these situations exist and what abusers have in common.

What is the process for obtaining an order for protection (OFP)?

To get an Order of Protection, the process is relatively straightforward. The usual process is as follows:

  • You fill out a Petition for Orders of Protection with the information that supports the request. You will need to swear under oath that these statements are truthful, so be clear in what you include in the petition.
  • After the magistrate reviews your request, they will usually issue an ex parte Order of Protection, which is a temporary order that stops the other party from contacting you for any reason. Keep this order with you at all times.
  • An ex parte hearing is then set (normally within 15 days).
  • The accused will be served with a notice of the hearing. The police or sheriff will deliver it if you have a temporary protection order, since you will not want to be in touch with that party.

After all this happens, the hearing will take place. As the person who petitioned the court, you need to show that the respondent committed domestic abuse, stalking or sexual assault. You will have to convince the judge that your safety is at risk and that you need a longer Order of Protection moving forward.

Drunk driving isn’t limited to motorized vehicles

As an experienced driver, you probably do not think about potential safety risks as you shift your car into gear. Confident in your capabilities, you might not consider what is going on with other people around you.

However, deputies recently arrested a Tennessee man for riding a horse down a road. While this may be common statewide, the determining factor in this arrest likely stemmed from the man’s alleged intoxication.

How can you get a DUI if you're not even drunk?

Tennessee's Highway Patrol routinely cracks down on drunk driving around the holidays. Usually, this means that officers field sobriety checkpoints and pay extra attention to suspicious driving. But this extra attention can sometimes lead officers to make DUI arrests against people who aren't even drunk.

How is this possible? There are several factors at play because Tennessee's definition of DUI isn't based solely on your BAC. Instead, you can be charged with a DUI if your BAC is .08 percent or higher or if you use a vehicle while "under the influence" of alcohol or other drugs.

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