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What penalties could I face for a domestic assault in Tennessee?

Situations involving violence or threats of violence between family members or partners are often emotionally charged. People can feel attacked or scared, and many could be dealing with physical pain.

Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to accurately assess what might happen to the person accused of assault. Below, we examine some of the potential consequences of a domestic assault allegation and conviction in Tennessee. 

More penalties could be coming for people with DUIs in Tennessee

While every driver knows that they should not drink and drive, people make mistakes. They misjudge their impairment, or they think they can drive just fine even though they have had a few drinks. There are also drivers who suffer from addiction, which has a profound impact on their decisions regarding alcohol and intoxication.

These parties can and do face serious penalties for driving under the influence already in Tennessee. They can face massive fines, lose their license and even go to jail for a DUI conviction. And there could be even more penalties coming if a proposed bill in the state becomes law.

Can police search my car for drugs during a traffic stop?

Seeing the red and blue flashing lights of a police car in your rear view mirror can be enough to make any driver nervous. If you happen to have any drugs or drug paraphernalia in your car, then you can be especially uneasy about how the traffic stop will end.

In these situations, typically all that stands between a driver and an arrest is a search of the driver's vehicle. Because of how much damage can be done in the span of a vehicle search, it is important for Tennessee drivers to understand a few facts about traffic stops and police searches.

Challenging expert testimony in theft cases

It is crucial to take theft charges seriously. After all, prosecutors will take the charges seriously, and they will often utilize whatever resources they have to secure a conviction or guilty plea. This often includes extensive searches and the use of expert witnesses.

As such, anyone charged with serious theft crimes should be aggressive in their defense, and this can involve challenging the credibility of the people testifying against the defendant.

Will I go to jail if convicted of DUI in Tennessee?

Here in Tennessee, it's very important to try to avoid convictions for driving under the influence (DUI), as this is a state that imposes mandatory jail time even for first offenders.

Because prosecutors and judges (and the public at large) view drunk and drugged driving to be such a serious problem, a first conviction on DUI charges requires a minimum two-day stay behind bars. However, defendants can potentially be sentenced to as long as 11 months and 29 days in jail.

Parents: What to do if your child is charged with a crime

High school and college students often make numerous mistakes on their way to adulthood. When they think about consequences of bad actions, which they don't always do, they might just think about losing their car for a weekend or getting a bad grade.

However, the reality is that students can be looking at very serious penalties if they don't just make a mistake; they commit a crime. In these cases, it is important for parents to act on behalf of their children to protect them from some potentially serious penalties.

Domestic violence bills submitted in Tennessee General Assembly

As you probably know, Tennessee law places strict requirements on police officers responding to calls of domestic violence. State law requires officers to arrest someone, even when both people do not want the other charged.

According to media reports, new legislation proposed in Nashville would make punishments for those convicted in certain domestic violence cases harsher.

Opioid use forces changes at Hill Detention Center

Everyone arrested in Davidson County is taken to the Hill Detention Center, next to the offices of the Nashville Sheriff on Second Avenue North. HDC can hold up to 356 pre-trial men facing a wide variety of criminal charges. Women are booked there and then transferred to Metro Detention.

Drug-related charges are among the most common seen by staff at HDC. However, a recent news report stated that widespread opioid use has forced Hill personnel to make more ambulance calls than ever before.

What is probable cause for a DUI stop?

You're heading home for the night, after having dinner and drinks with your friends, when the flashing lights come on in the mirror. You flip on your blinker and pull to the side. The first thing you might think about is whether or not you'll pass a blood test, but it's also wise to think about what happened right before those lights came on. Did the officer actually have a reason to pull you over?

Whether a driver is intoxicated or not, officers still need probable cause to pull someone over. They can't pull over random cars in hopes that they will find a drunk driver. They need to have a reason to pull someone over.

Have you answered these DUI questions?

Facing a charge of driving under the influence is every bit as scary as it sounds. In addition to the stress it brings to your life, you should understand that a conviction could impact the way you earn a living.

With so many uncertainties, the best thing you can do is get answers to any question that comes to mind. By taking this approach, you'll have a better understanding of what will happen next and what you can do to protect your rights.

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