The Advantage Of KnowingHow The Other Side Thinks

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The Advantage Of KnowingHow The Other Side Thinks

Photo of Nichole Dusché

How can I challenge a DUI charge in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Drunk Driving |

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can be quite serious. Even a first-time offense comes with significant penalties, including a minimum of 48 hours in jail, a one-year license revocation, participation in an alcohol treatment program, a fine of $350-$1,500 and potentially an ignition interlock device – which you have to pay for yourself.

These penalties can, in turn, have an effect on other aspects of your life. They can impact your family and other relationships, your job and future career prospects, your finances and more. So for someone facing a DUI charge after making an honest mistake – or after being wrongly arrested – are there ways to fight back and minimize the event’s disruption on your life?

Dealing with the arrest and charges

Determining how to respond to any criminal charges is the first step. Your attorney might think it’s possible to get the case dismissed entirely, though that can be quite difficult. It often involves challenging some of the accusations, including potentially:

· The results of a field sobriety test

· The results of a chemical test

· Whether the law enforcement officer had reasonable suspicion to stop you

· The officer’s claims of probable cause

Another option is to try to get the charges reduced, which can also be difficult in certain jurisdictions. While this likely means agreeing to plead guilty to a different charge (such as a Reckless Driving for example), the count is less serious – and as a result, comes with lesser penalties.

This can help you move past the incident as quickly as possible, allowing you to get on with your life as planned.